Spring Break is coming...

My wife is finally happy that she is no longer an "opera-widow" with me being gone every night and on weekends. This week, however, still has me at work every evening and weekends (auditions and sample lessons last weekend and again this weekend). I had rehearsal on Monday and Tuesday nights for the Robert and Clara Schumann concert that was held last night (I played the part of Robert Schumann), I have a concert to attend tonight, a faculty/student concert on Friday night at Simpson, and a dinner party on Saturday. Finally, on Sunday, I can be home for a bit - or so I think... . Regardless, that is the way for college music professors. It's an intense semester usually involving 6 if not 7 days of the week during the semesters.

Simpson is on Spring Break starting at 5:30 p.m. a week from Friday. I haven't even thought about what I am going to do during spring break, but maybe I can start to figure that out. Probably end up doing the taxes, finishing to do lists around the house, putter with the bikes, work on a new course for next fall, and of course - cook.


Base training has a few more weeks to go. The weather has been so good this "winter" that I have done the majority of my riding outside. Yesterday was in the mid 50's and I got 2 hours in before work. All in all, base to this point has been pretty good for me considering my schedule (work, wife, kids), but I have failed to make my initial goal of at least 6 hours on the bike each week outside of the 3 week Christmas Break and now that I am in February realizing I need to knock my numbers up to hit my goal... However, add in weights and core work and those weeks with shorter hours do start to look better in the journal I keep. The below numbers are only for base work time on the bike. I don't include my two daily dog walks which is about 40 minutes per day, but it is at recovery pace so not worth counting as any sort of volume.

November Weeks (hours on the bike)

1 - 4:20
2 - 7:15
3 - 3:30
4 - 2:00

December Weeks

1 - 3:20
2 - 5:10
3 - 4:00
4 - 8:15

January Weeks

1 - 9:25
2 - 6:25
3 - 4:45
4 - 1:50

February Weeks

1 - 7:40
2 - 3:40
3 - 7:10
4 - 4:35
5 - 10:40

The good news is that I have ridden enough to whittle down my weight and will start the racing season at a lighter weight this year than any previous year. I did fight the bulge after the ever delightful pumpkin pie season, but the bulge is now all gone. I should be able to wrap up February hitting my goal for 3 of the weeks and have time in March to make my goal thanks to the opera being over and a bit more time frees up - including after work to help me make my volume. Pretty low numbers - even for an amateur, but 8-10 hours just has not been in the cards this winter based on my work/life. I might be overly optimistic, but this week and next begins a raising of my weekly hourly goals to finish out the final base month as April and racing approaches. Then I will turn to a a different balance of volume intensity.

It's time for the morning bike ride/dog walk. Looks like it is raining outside which means rain gear for me.

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