Happy Friday the 13th!!!

My daughter usually loves the number 13, however she has had a string of bad luck on previous Friday the 13th's. One year she dislocated her knee and had to be rushed to the hospital. Another, she woke up with a bad fever and ended up having to have her appendix taken out later that day on a Friday the 13th. Last year, we only had one Friday the 13th. This year there will be three and they are all 13 weeks apart. Coolio! Here's to a less eventful Friday the 13th for her (and all of us) today.

Yesterday was close to providing Friday the 13th excitement. The phone rang at 7 am and it was a call from my son. My son's college roommate had been throwing up all night and my son wanted to know what to do. We told him to take his roommate to the new ER here in town. His roommate had to be taken to Des Moines by ambulance shortly after checking in and the bottom line is, he passed 2 kidney stones later in the day. Heck of a 24 hours for my son's roommate to say the least.


I walked to lunch at Subway on Wednesday about 12:15 (it's 3 blocks away from the music building at Simpson). The sun was shining, I was wearing a sweater and no jacket as it was probably in the upper 40's. I had my sub and when I went outside to walk back to school, it was gray and the wind was a gale force (turns out the wind speed was 48mph) and the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees. That was a quick walk back to the music building - let me tell you!!! So, on the 21st day of winter, it (winter that is) finally rolled in and we got a whisp of snow in the evening (maybe 1/8th of an inch if you gathered some of it together in a corner). Thursday was another day of howling winds blowing in the 44-49mph range. I had to drive up to Ames to judge their concerto/aria voice contestants and it was hard to hold the red box Element in the lane on I-35. They had a bit more snow up in Ames - maybe 1/2" in spots, but the wind had blown it all away.

We'll be back up in the upper 30's tomorrow and in the mid 40's on Sunday, so winter is trying to bounce in here on us as we hit mid January. Today is the 23rd day of winter. 66 more days of it to go. Can't complain about the first 1/4 of winter, that's for sure. Now I get to use my cold weather gear that I bought. I tried the new ski gloves yesterday on the dog walks and wore my skiing jumpsuit along with the new face balaclava and Shimano winter shoes. I was warm and toasty in spite of the nearly 50 mph winds. The dogs seem to love the cold and are begging to go for walks as of late.

I'll be heading to a voice recital tonight by my colleague at Simpson, and building part of the Cosi fan tutte opera set tomorrow from 9-5 with the set designer and a select group of students. Sunday morning is the 1st attempt at a pancake breakfast ride at Banner Pits. The plan is to ride a couple of laps at 9 am while the ground is still frozen, and then we'll follow up with a tailgate party that will include gas stoves, some cast iron skillets, various batters, and we'll make pancakes for a post ride winter feast. Should be fun - maybe it will even become a new winter gathering tradition. A little more dusting of snow is expected Saturday morning before temps warm up into the mid 30's and sunshine in the afternoon. That should melt any dusting that does take place before the ground freezes up again during the night as temps drop to 21 on Saturday night.

Ah....it's Friday the 13th and exactly 13 degrees outside. I'm taking the dogs for the morning ride/walk. Wish me luck... ;-}

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