Happy BarMitts-VAH!

That's right.

Yesterday I picked up my Bar Mitts from Rassy's...


Hence - my BarMittsVAH has taken place. I am now an official winter NUT who can ride a bike in the elements with toasty digits along with the rest of the NUTZ in Iowa.

Of course, a true Barmitzvah means one of the commandments in the Jewish coming of age (bar for boy, bat for girl). And yes, we will be celebrating not one, but TWO Bat Mitzvahs in May of this year (Tara and Alexa).

My BarMitts are in!!

When riding bikes outside in Iowa during the winter, my Bar Mitts have now allowed me to come of age for winter riding. Or at least follow one of the commandments for winter Iowa riding: keep thy hands warm. ;-]

I rounded out my winter riding shopping yesterday with a few other purchases...


From left to right.

First, we have Wigwam wool socks which feel "oh so nice and toasty" in my Shimano winter cycling shoes.

Second, we have the Pearl Izumi wind/water guard warm winter gloves with gel padding in the palms. P.I. has stepped up their game in recent years as these replace my old worn out lobster gloves that were not as warm as these. I got about a decade out of those, so here's hoping that these new gloves will last me a big 10. These have nice reflector points built in as well to help me be visible in the dark hours.

Third, we have the Bar Mitts for Mountain Bikes. I have yet to try them as it will need to get colder before I pull them out. As usual - as soon as I buy warm winter gear - you know what happens. Yup. The temperature climbs up to 40 yesterday and will hit 60 tomorrow. I can pretty much guarantee we will see some colder weather at some point this winter. Today is only day 14 of winter, so I know it is coming. Although, I am not complaining of the winter weather thus far which has allowed me to ride outside a lot more (like every day!!!) than I had ever dreamed I would at this time of year.

Fourth, the little AnkleBiter pants band that is pictured above the Bar Mitts. I love the reflector strip as well to help with safety/visibility. I've been using a rubber band for so many years, I thought I would treat myself the $2.99 price for a Velcro ankle doo-dad to cinch up my right pants leg so it doesn't get caught in the chain.

And lastly, we have a new pair of Spyder winter ski gloves. My old ski gloves have been sewn together so many times (they lasted a decade), it was time to take advantage of the sale (that would be the "lack of snow ski/snowboard gear sale" that I stumbled opon yesterday).

These items give me plenty of options for the hands and adds to my collection of gear to face the elements.

A shout out to my sister-in-law who had a cycling accident on New Year's Eve. Thinking of you, Holly. She was out on her road bike in California and got caught out in the dark trying to make her way home as the sun was setting. From those that saw her wreck, they say she hit a pot hole and went head over the bars. She landed on her head and initially got up, but then had to quickly get back on the ground. Some bystanders called 911 and she was taken by ambulance to the hospital where she remained for 2 nights. The initial x-rays show fractures in one or two vertebrae in the neck (I can't remember if it was one or two) and a torn ligament. Frankly, she's very, very lucky. She will be in a neck brace and no driving for 6 weeks. Possible surgery on the vertebrae to follow, but no paralysis thank goodness. It could have been a lot worse!

Be careful out there.

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