Final Weekend of Vacation...

Work starts up in earnest on Monday after the holiday break between semesters. I've been way too much of an internet junkie during this holiday. That will stop in a few days for sure as the wheel starts to grind again. The students arrive back on campus this weekend and now that Zack has eaten us out of house and home, our grocery shopping can cool down a bit. ;-]

I took advantage of the weather the past 2 weeks with riding my bike outside on the trail and on the dirt (well, mud on some days). We broke a record weather-wise yesterday with a high of 65 (normal average temps for yesterday are around 31 degrees). I didn't know if I should go play golf or ride my bike. I rode my bike - in shorts!!! And there were a lot of people on the trail walking, jogging and riding. I wasn't the only one wearing shorts. Today was "only" 54, but I got another 2 hour ride in which brings the total this week to 9 hours, 25 minutes on the bike. Last week was 8 hours, 15 minutes. Not too shabby for the end of December and start of January in Iowa. I think I'll take tomorrow off the bike and hit the weights. Planning on riding Banner at 8 am on Sunday to take advantage of the frozen trails before it warms up and the legs need a rest.

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