Can a weekend be any more productive?

Wow, that was a productive weekend. I got a lot done, but I feel bushed and in need of some down time. No chance, back to work today.

Friday morning started with a nice hour long, easy bike ride out at Banner Pits before work. There was a light dusting of snow from Thursday and Friday morning as well. I was able to hit Riverside 2 times, as well as Nude Beach and Corner Pocket before loading up and heading back to work. Temps were 13 degrees before factoring in the windchill. My new Spyder ski gloves were very warm and toasty...

New Spyders

I got to lay some fresh tracks thanks to the Thursday and Friday dusting...

Riverside snow dusting

There wasn't that much snow and the 45-49mph winds on Thursday had pretty much blown it all around...

Snow Dust

I was cautious on the trail as the frozen dirt with the fresh dusting on top kept me from going full bore. Still, everything seemed good to go for riding which meant Sunday's planned group ride would happen.

Saturday was a full day of building set pieces in the Simpson theater scene shop under the supervision of Rick Goetz. We started at 9 and finished at 4:30. On tap for the day was to cut and assemble 12 modules that were 27" x 17" x 12" and one bar that was 40" x 40" x 12" with a shelf. We needed framing inside which we decided to rip 2 x 4's to use as framing. Off to the lumberyard to get the 8 sheets of plywood and 2 x 4's, along with glue, screws and paint. A big thanks to Alicia, Lucas, Kenzie, Marina, Jake, Tyler, and Trevor who worked really hard all day and allowed us to accomplish round #1 of work call for the Cosi fan tutte set.

I took our set designer who had flown in for the weekend from Seattle to Centro for dinner on Saturday night where we talked Greek mythology, the Age of Enlightenment, Strauss, Berlioz and all matters art. It was a fun evening with good conversation and excellent food.

Sunday began with our first official Banner Pits gathering entitled a "Pancake Ride". Temperatures were below freezing and we met at 9 am for 2 laps to catch the singletrack before it thawed. 8 of us cycling NUTZ gathered in our winter/spring gear and hit the trails. Lap one was nice and frozen and fast. I went down hard on the pavement after Nude Beach when I hit black ice as I turned into the next section of singletrack. Luckily, I didn't bounce - but just slid along the ice on the pavement. Things started to thaw out during lap two and I finally got 'mad' in lap two and pushed my body out of winter hiatus to start attacking the trail like a race. What a difference! I finally started to ride better than an out of shape old man. Things were sloppy enough in lap two that our bikes picked up a lot of sand and dirt. We all felt/heard grinding from our drivetrains.

We packed up our bikes, formed a wind shield with our cars while Squirrel (Brian Pottorff) started the open pit fire to keep us warm and give us that camp smell of wood smoke. The rest of us set up the food portion of the camp to do our cooking. Here we are cooking bacon (that's me flipping the bacon), sausage, pancakes and enjoying the temperatures that quickly shot up to 50 degrees...

1st Sunday Pancake Ride

What's a pancake breakfast without a keg? Hats off to Squirrel from rolling that bad boy out of the trunk. I joked we should do this once a year during the winter and everyone chimed in "how about every Sunday!!!". Well, it looks like this coming weekend we will see Saturday hit the mid 40's and Sunday is going to be 50+ degrees as well, so maybe....

After the nice ride and pancake breakfast was over, I headed back to Simpson where I met Kenzie, Marina and our set designer Byron at Pote Theater to sand the set pieces we had built on Saturday and haul them over to Lekberg to store them for the opera. That took about an hour to sand them all and haul them across campus.

Finally it was time to shower and catch a bit of football. I wrapped up the day with homemade spaghetti sauce (everything from our garden), meatballs and an evening meeting with the set designer and costume designer to make sure we were all in agreement and headed down the right path with the costumes, lights, etc... . That ended at 9:30 and after I cleaned up the kitchen - I was out by 10:20 for a much needed night of sleep.

All in all, a very productive weekend.

I can't do my planned singletrack ride this morning as it's in the 30's already at 8 am. Good day for some recovery, maybe a spin after work.

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