Last Fall Ride - - then it's ski time!!!

First things first: Happy Birthday Dad!

By my count, you are 85 years old today. How does that break down into other measurements of time?

1020 months old
4435 weeks old
31046 days old
745104 hours old
44706253 minutes old
2682375194 seconds old

Regardless of how you want to count it - Happy 85th!!!

Winter officially starts at Midnight tonight, so today is my last chance for a final fall bike ride outside. Jumping on the road bike for a 2+ hour ride should help pedal off the wonderful pumpkin cheesecake my wife made last night for the first night of Hanukkah. The forecast is for 40 degrees, so plenty warm for an outdoor ride.

Zack and I will load up the car today and leave early tomorrow for the Black Hills. Tara and Alexa come the following day after final exams are completed. I'm bringing the skis so we can hit Terry Peak for the first skiing of this season (come on legs, don't fail me....).

I had the Mercury Villager van's power steering pump and hose replaced yesterday. I may have to take it back this morning for them to check it as it still made some noise on a very sharp turn in a parking lot. Maybe that's normal, but at least the constant squealing and noise is gone. Please tell me the $617 for the repair was not an "all for naught" routine!!! Alexa would like nothing more than this van to simply go away, but it still runs and is in good shape - so she's stuck with it. It has been a heck of a money pit since summer when I had some motor work done, new tires, new plugs and now the power steering repair. Heck if she isn't going to drive it for another year after I sank all of that cash into it to keep it safe and running!!!

Enjoy the last day of fall today and the shortest day of the year tomorrow!

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