Holiday Shopping...

Talk about your well-choreographed "flash mob" scenario. Simpson students had a showing yesterday at Jordan Creek Mall. Being a music faculty member as well as the parent of one of the singers - I was informed on when and where to be to catch the "flash". So Tara and I went up with Alexa to hear them sing, do a little holiday shopping, and get some dinner after the stores closed.

Fun was had by all the shoppers who happened to stop and listen. The students took their coats off once the music started to show off their Simpson College t-shirts, sing, and then quickly put their coats back on and take off like nothing had ever happened. And of course, they had to wait until Santa took his 2:30 break for this spontaneous flash mob appearance.;-]

Alexa, Tara and I managed to split a piece of pumpkin cheesecake at the mall to boost our shopping energy. Several presents were secretly and not so secretly purchased. Colors and items were shown to the parents so we know what to get on subsequent trips. After the stores closed, we actually decided unanimously on where to eat and chowed down before heading back home.

Flash Mob, Shopping, Eating - that's one way to spend a Sunday afternoon and evening.

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