Fall Fun Riding...

Fall is always a fun riding time for me as I avoid pavement and just focus on hitting the dirt trails. I head out to enjoy the trails and not worry about any structured training (although I have started the off season weight lifting program). Proof of my riding being only "fun" and dirt oriented was when my weekly riding hours dwindled down to averaging about 3 or 4 hours a week in October. That was due to all the late night opera rehearsals and no need to train for any event.

I've bumped it up a bit this month as I do want to do some riding in the San Francisco Bay Area next week over the holidays and climbs are tough out in the East Bay. I'm going to do a 4-5 hour Turkey Day ride from Mitchell Canyon up Mt. Diablo with a group. Then I will hit my old stomping grounds next Saturday - Briones. My legs hurt just thinking about those opening climbs from Lafayette. Hopefully, all the SS riding this fall has me in shape for it. I'll be on a Cannondale FS for those rides as I'm not hauling my bikes on the plane for a 5 day trip to San Francisco.

In addition, I'll be riding in the Black Hills in December when we go out for my Dad's birthday and my nephew's commitment ceremony. I hope to hit some of my favorite trails - weather permiting. So I've climbed a bit back up to the 6-7 hours per week range this month to get ready for San Fran and the Black Hills. My legs and back are feeling it - especially with all the SS riding (rigid bike). I usually do a longer ride on the weekend with the RIP, and then shorter "before work rides" during the week to take advantage of daylight. I've been riding the RIP 9 and Karate Monkey SS exclusively this month at Banner, Lake Ahquabi, Center, and even made an excursion down to Landahl Park in Missouri.

Last night after work and before the Friday night concert at Simpson, I headed out to Lake Ahquabi with the lights for the first time this fall to ride in the dark. There were no campers. No hikers. No fishermen. Just me and the critters. I timed the full loop quite well as my lights made it full blast all the way to the car where the battery ran out just as I was loading the bike in the car. Glad I made it out of the woods with the lamps still burning full blast.

I've got some new carbon Roval wheels to unpack and play with that just arrived via FedEx yesterday. Looks like I'll be trimming about 400g from my current wheels without sacrificing any stability. I'll mount up some tires this morning and go for my longer Saturday ride to try them out today.


Roval Trail SL's on the scale - 1520g

1520g with valves

Took a full pound off of my RIP 9. Man are these wheels fast!!!!!!!!!

Took a pound off of my RIP9

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