Boone 3/6 Hour canceled, time to start painting...

A thunderstorm moved through central Iowa late last night which caused the Boone 3/6 Hour race scheduled for today to be canceled. I'm glad I read that post late last night so I could sleep in today and watch Breakfast at Wimbledon. It didn't rain here and everything is nice and sunny today, so they must have had a big dump of rain up at Boone to force the cancel because word was things were really dry going into the weekend. Oh well...time to paint instead.

The dry wall installation, taping, mud and texture is complete. I bought paint for the job yesterday and wouldn't you know it, since the last time the basement was painted the paint codes - or rather the mixture they use to create the exact same paint codes - have changed just slightly enough that a perfect match was not possible for the bathroom and the main basement walls. So we might end up painting all the walls instead of just the perimeter walls, we'll have to see once it goes on and dries whether or not it is lighter or darker than the original.

We went to see Puccini's La Boheme last night at Des Moines Metro Opera and will see Poulenc's Dialogues of the Carmelites tonight. We will catch the third opera on Wednesday.

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