Time to race again...

I haven't raced since April 17th (Bone Bender) due to being in Italy which caused me to miss a couple of races, and also due to the May 22nd race at Banner Pits had to be canceled due to the muddy conditions. But, that's all about to change as I head up to Mt. Kato ski area just outside of Mankato on Sunday for the Bluff Riders Charge which is race #2 in the Minnesota Mountain Bike XC Series.

The weather forecast looks good and prompts me to leave the RIP at home. I ran it last year since it was a mudfest....

Mt. Kato

I've got the JET 9 all prepped and ready to go. It's what I ran in 2009 at Mt. Kato...


So I put on the new rear derailleur, cleaned the drivetrain, mounted a new Raven 2.2 in the rear since the old one was showing worn tread, washed the bike and lubed things for Sunday. Then I went on a 100 minute training ride in the afternoon heat to get acclimated to 90+ degree temps on the bike.

Tara will come along on Sunday and bring her bike to take a spin on the bike path that runs from the ski area into Mankato while I race. It should be fun. I'll be racing in the 50+ category this year in Minnesota.

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