Time for a photo dump...

Every now and then, the camera card gets so full, you have to empty it. From the collective bundle, here are a few representing the past month or so...

First up, is our garden which is doing pretty well in spite of the record amounts of rain in June. Depending on which source you study, the claims are 10.5" - 12"+ for the month of June alone. That's approaching the historic levels back in 2008 that we had. It's hard to keep a garden from getting yellow and not making it with all of that rain, but the drainage and use of mulch this year has helped us fight mother nature. It's been hailed on 3 times to date, and we're fighting a bit of fungus on a couple of plants.



Next up, Alexa turned Sweet 16 this month and her "party" was a group of 9 girls who had appetizers at our house, then dined at Centro in Des Moines and finally came over for ice cream cake to celebrate.

Alexa, 2nd from left, and a non-alcoholic toast to 16!

Non-Alcoholic Champagne Toast

These gals are all leg sitting around the Sitzecke...

Lots of legs...

Last shot before heading up to Centro...

Sweet 16!!!!

Before that, and something I had to miss due to being in Italy, was Zack's High School Graduation. Grandpa Brown and Aunt Becky made it, though.

Here's the proud boy with his Grandpa Brown. The Gold Honor Cords were worn by the 13 in his class that graduated with a GPA of 4.0 or higher.

Grandpa Brown on Graduation Day with Zack

Outside the Simpson Gym where graduation took place with Mom, Alexa and Aunt Becky...

Graduation day 2011!

And, my weekly routine includes cleaning up whatever bike I raced which includes taking the chain off, the rear cassette off and soaking them in diesel fuel for a routine maintenance clean. Then I dry rub the bike and parts, lube everything up and clean off any mud that may have accumulated from the race. Solvents, diesel fuel, oils all make for a messy couple of hours - but it keeps the bike running well for the next event.

Working on the JET post race...

Prepping the JET for a race

Cleaning the JET

This week, today actually, the Dos gets cleaned after the Minnesota race.

2.4 Ardent clearance on the Dos

Photo dump over. Next up, meeting with carpet installers for estimates. I start painting the basement tomorrow. I hope to finish that in a week, but there is a lot of wall space to cover down there. Most likely, another 2 full weeks before the basement is restored to pre-flood condition. Due to our vacation trip to New York, it may not get finished until the latter portion of July.

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