Racing season begins...

After all the months of lifting weights, base building, intervals, weight loss, bike component/gear selections, an actual bike fitting and new position, etc... it is finally time to throw on the new race kit and start the engine this weekend. On tap....IMBCS#1 at Sylvan Island.

I've joined the BikeIowa.com Team this year and my kit arrived yesterday. The Dos Niner is primed and ready to race:

Dos profile

I swapped out the XTR FD for a Dura Ace and the bike with the new Crest wheels is sitting at 23.43 pounds.

After the build phase I just completed last week, I finished a 5 day R & R week Wednesday - a la Friel. I took the rested legs and body out for a workout last night when I got home from teaching. It's always so hard for me to make it through one of those R & R weeks because I want to give it the gas and train, but this time I was careful to let all of that recovery take place in a proper manner. I know the period after allows me to go to the next level, but it is still hard to hold off during the R & R with good weather and singletrack staring at you!!!

I did my uphill interval test yesterday after warming up for 50 minutes (which included shorter duration and various intervals). Everything felt good in the legs, so I wanted to see if I could best my record on a particular 13 minute paved hill climb that I routinely do an interval on to check my fitness. I guess the good news is that interval used to take me 15 minutes a couple of seasons ago going full tilt. I jumped out of my shoes and remained as cross-eyed as I wanted to, yet maintained a manageable pace while I hammered up the hill drooling like a starving labrador waiting for table scraps. I've got a symphonic number from Samson et Dalila by Saint-Saens and the first movement of Beethoven's 5th on the iPod that I use to ride this particular interval. I turned them on and noted the time on the cellphone as I started the interval. Sunshine, cool temperatures, good music, fresh legs and a nice climb. It was a good recipe no matter what the time result would be.

End result - I tied my record which pleased me because it's only the start of the season and that record was set in the height of a peak from last year. I knew I had a bit more to give as I didn't blow all of the cobwebs out during this particular interval. I held a wee-little bit in reserve. Not a lot, but enough to encourage further time shaving for my next check. Regardless, it felt good to know where I have trained myself to this point in the season. Last year I was way behind at this point and then ended up going to Europe where I lost three weeks of training. I finished up the ride home and ended with 80 minutes of training volume. The legs felt so good and primed, I actually had trouble sleeping last night.

Alexa was injured in her first track meet of the season this year and was misdiagnosed as having a quad pull. Turns out it was not her quad, but her hip. A lot of core work has been done the past few weeks. The coach pushed her too hard and told her to suck up the pain before a thorough and correct diagnosis was made. Unbelievable!!! If a young teengage girl is complaining of severe pain and wimpering do you tell them to 'suck it up'?

After the physical therapist did a thorough examination and made the correct diagnosis, the trainer took over and let the coach have it (as did the parents). The trainer has her on a good program to get her back into competitive form and she's up to 80% and looks to be getting ready for full out sprinting next week. Alexa was in Acceleration Iowa all winter long up in Waukee and was in good form. Her times had built back up to her old form before the knee dislocation that happened playing ball in the neighborhood kept her out of last season. I did, however, keep emphasizing the importance for her to do core work all winter long. Did my teenage daughter listen to me? ;-] Okay, to be fair, she did the exercises a couple of times. But not enough to stick. Maybe now she will take the core work more seriously as her genetic coding for the ball/hip joint is going to require it if she wants to run. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

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