Surgery mixed with shot bearings on the C7i...

I had called LifeCycle Fitness technical support to schedule a "technician" to check my C7i. That was on a Friday and I was promised a return call within 24 hours to schedule. Well 24 hours turned into days which turned into weeks.

Yesterday knowing that the C7i was out of warranty, I decided to open it up and have a look. I took the crankarms off and then the next doohickey plate that got me into the main bearing area. I took both sides out and overhauled the bearings. I found 3 of the bearings were shot and actually had the same size in stock in a bearing kit I bought a few years ago. So repacked everything and reassembled it all. Those are not the only bearings in this unit, but they are the main bearings for the crankarms and that's where I was hearing creaking and felt something amiss. I got it all put back together, washed the grease off of my hands and suited up for a short intensity session.

Paydirt! Now the crankarms turn smoothly and the wattage readings are consistent with what they used to be. I was able to hold two 10 minute MSP intervals at levels I expected and now know why I couldn't make my numbers 10-12 days ago. The shot bearings (and the left side inner plate was loose causing the left crankarm to wobble out a bit during the pedal stroke). This was causing about a 40 watt (+/-) additional effort which was skewing everything.

The phone rang last night at around 8 p.m. and guess who it was? It was the technician that services my brand of exercise bikes making the call to set up the service. Hmmmmmm....will call within 24 hours maybe should be retitled "will call within 24 days!!!!". Anyway, he was nice enough and we chatted about what I had done and he agreed I had done well and he gave me the web address where I can buy any part I need for the C7i in the future. I canceled his visit and will not be required to pay anything. Cool.

Surgery on Friday. I went to the Doc yesterday to review the results of my MRI. He feels it is a simple benign tumor called a Lipoma that needs to be removed since it is pinching on a nerve causing my right hand to not function normally. Of course, it will be sent to pathology to make sure it's nothing else. My family Doc got it right on the initial visit back in February. He took one look at it on my first visit and said "that's a Lipoma". But I had to go to 2 other doctors (the first thought the surgery was out of his expertise due to the intricacies of a hand) as I got passed around in the "system", have X-Rays, an MRI and wait it all out wondering what the heck it was. Yippie for America's health care!!! My 6th visit on Friday will be the actual surgery and a follow up 10 days later to take the stitches out and make sure everything is okay. What could have been 2 visits, has turned into 7 when all is said and done and who knows how much in $$$$ for my insurance provider. Plus the amount of missed work has been very difficult to work around and reschedule all of my student's lessons. So Friday, no food or drink in the morning. In at 10:30. Surgery for an hour at 11:45. Designated driver (Tara) to bring me home since I have to be on an I.V. of legal drugs. :-) He said I should be up and around fine by Friday evening, but no hard exercise or yard work for a week. I'll have to lay off the weights and take a recovery week on the bike which I will be due to have anyway next week.

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