Spring Break!

It starts NOW!!!

And I started it off with a frustrating phone call to Life Fitness Technical Support to ask about service for my C7i...


The frustrating part is there is $100 "travel charge" just for the technician to come out and take a look at it. Then the charge is $100 per hour plus parts for any repairs beyond the "travel charge". Ah, yes, the gift that keeps on giving!! I guess I can't complain, it's the 2nd service it has had since I got it in 2002 and it gets a lot of use.

I think the bearings are shot as I hear a lot of grinding and due to that, even though my heart rates are way up in ranges that should measure more wattage output, the wattage numbers are very low compared to the heart rate reading. In other words, I'm working a lot harder than what the machine is measuring. Or the "motherboard" is shot and the readings are way off. When I hop over on Tara's LeMond trainer, the heart rate and wattages match what I have in my training journal from previous years on the C7i. That's why I think something is wrong with the machine.

At least the technician is supposed to call within 24 hours to set up his "travel visit and $100 pocket change". I want to make sure I'm here when he does his visit, so will schedule it for after spring break. I promise to be kind to him.... ;-}

I'll be heading out to the Black Hills with Alexa, snow skis, a mountain bike, Alexa's friend and we will try to get in whatever recreation we can based on the weather and conditions. Zack and Tara both have to work, so they will stay at home. We will take next weekend for a trip to Kansas City for all of us to finish up the break with some nice BBQ.

The snow has done a fairly orderly melt the past 10 days. In spite of that, I noticed Banner Pits got some flooding yesterday and the creek/river north of Scotch Ridge on 65/69 is way over its banks and flooding out all the farmland in that area. An inch of rain is supposed to come tonight which will add fuel to the fire, so river crests should be on Sunday according to the news. Then a week of the 50's and sunshine are forecast which should start to dry things out a bit.

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