No Surgery - YET!

Well, after arriving in time to fill out all the paperwork and get ready for the surgery yesterday, the surgeon was perplexed at the growth on my wrist as well as its location. It's opposite my wrist bone and up a couple of inches. After he pushed and prodded and checked some things, he went to get his partner to check it out. They both agreed that they were not capable of performing the surgery in their office due to the complexity and said I would be needing a specialist via a hand surgeon. It seems what my general doctor thought was a lipoma, is not. They are claiming it is a cyst and that tendons are involved. A hand surgeon would be able to perform the surgery with ease whereas they would not be able to do it. In the olden days they would whack it with a Bible or some other huge book to rupture the cyst. Mine has a huge artery right over it making that treatment not the proper direction to go...

So, they made an appointment for me across the street from Mercy Hospital in Des Moines to consult with a hand surgeon next Thursday. I know it will get taken care of, but the process of getting to the end goal via general practitioner visit, surgeon number one visit, surgeon number two consult and eventual scheduling of the actual procedure that will remove the growth in my arm means missed time at work and a bit trying on my patience (no pun intended). In the meantime, the cyst has grown enough to put pressure on the nerves and my right thumb and index finger are pretty much useless. I cannot even squeeze shampoo out of the bottle with the right hand now due to the numbness.

Bring on the hand surgeon!