MSP Intervals...

It's that time of year. The raising of the lactate threshold time that is. I've been doing all sorts of the shorter duration intervals the past two months (SMSP intervals), but yesterday began the deep pain cave stuff.

I thought I would have a go at it on Tara's LeMond trainer since the C7i seems to be a bit out of whack with some bearing issues. I didn't really have my heart set on knocking it out of the park yesterday (my mind is on my right wrist/arm and all the X-rays and the MRI I had on Thursday/Friday), but wanted to start this phase and see just what I could deliver at this point.

So yesterday looked like this:

10 minutes warm-up
10 minutes @ 200 watts
10 minutes @ 280 watts
10 minutes @ 200 watts (Oy!!! Tough to recover and keep it going.)
1 minute @ 280 and I pulled the plug and bailed. I simply wasn't ready for a second full 10 minute 280 watt interval and that kind of pain cave yet. I should have started lower - maybe in the 240 - 260 watt range.


Cool down, live to fight another day.

Today was a bit better, but I'm still not easing in like I should. Today I climbed on the old C7i that needs new bearings and service, so I'm not sure what the heck the wattage reading is in terms of accuracy. But I figured 260 being day 2 in a row in this block and all.

It unfolded like this...

20 minutes warm-up
10 minutes @ 200 watts
10 minutes @ 260 watts
10 minutes @ 200 watts
6 minutes @ 260 watts (Oy!!!! - I had to pull the plug and bail again...)
2 minutes recovery
8 minutes @ 200 watts - ah to heck with it...
Cool down


Okay, so the heart rate today at 260 watts was 171 - 174, but yesterday at 280 watts on Tara's LeMond the heart rate was only 158 - 163. Hmmmmm....which one is more accurate and how to figure it out? I know something is wrong with my C7i, but how far off I don't know. The 260 watts on the C7i feel more difficult than the 280 on the LeMond, so perhaps the shot bearings are making me work much harder and if the heartrate is the indicator - that proves the case. I'll know once the bearings get replaced. I probably need to try a third source for power measurement to see if the LeMond or the C7i is way off.

Regardless, that is telling that I had to bail on both days during the 2nd 10 minute interval. I don't think I was quite ready to jump right in at those higher wattages for the duration in this block - obviously. Reviewing my journal from last year, I worked my way up a bit with the first few blocks to increase the LT. This year, thinking I was in some kind of better shape and with loftier goals, I decided to bang out at a higher effort from the get go figuring I could take the pain. Fail. Lesson learned. I should have done this 3 day block with 220 - 250 (or 260) watt intervals on the C7i, but the shot bearings have skewed everything up. Tomorrow for the 3rd day, I'll cut back - or just do them all on the LeMond. Or maybe ride outside if the sun pokes out of the clouds after all this rain.

Maybe I am just bored stiff of all the indoor training with ZERO training rides outside due to the winter and all the snow. I had a lot of hours logged in outside by this time last year (including a 3 hour ride in 78 degree temps!!!). Not so this year.

I will have a few days to recuperate and actually do some riding outside on actual singletrack in the Black Hills. No power-meter, just fun riding for fun's sake. Perhaps when I get back at the end of the week, I will be ready to hit the 240, 260, 280 and beyond MSP intervals. Then I start adding the tempo bursts into them every few minutes for even more pain.

The first XC race is 4 weekends away, so I need to get some successful (as in complete the prescribed durations) MSP work completed. Hopefully, the service work will be performed on my C7i before I climb aboard it again to knock out the intervals. Luckily, I am a bit ahead of schedule for my interval work compared to last year as I started earlier while still doing the weights.

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