The BIG MELT OFF has begun...

Several feet of snow that has accrued throughout the winter is slowly starting to melt as temps hit the 30's during the day. It looks like we might hit the upper 40's or even 50 this weekend which should start to melt all of this accumulation. Finally! A year ago I was riding 2 hours+ outside several days a week to build a base. This year, it's been an hour at a time in the basement on the C7i.

Speaking of "melt"......I need to melt off the few pounds I put on the past few weeks doing the weights and eating everything in sight while growing the muscles. I've got about 4 pounds to "melt" off and it will be a minimum of an hour a day on the bike to take that off sooner, rather than later.

My rebuilt race wheels arrived yesterday from Mike Curiak before he took off for his Alaska adventure. I've had the DT Swiss 240 hubs since 2002. This is the 3rd set of rims in that time frame. The new build is on NoTubes Crest rims and the wheelset came out at 1640g with yellow tape and valves...




Sweet looking wheels.

By the way, I will be having surgery tomorrow to remove whatever the growth on my wrist is (probalby just a fatty deposit). I discovered it last month during opera rehearsals, so tomorrow is the scheduled surgery up in Des Moines to remove it and run tests on "it". I'll be back at work on Friday.

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