Throwing down the plates and moving into the next phase...

I finally reached the "fun" part of my off season weight training. The part where I get to move some really heavy plates (albeit at minimal reps). I extended the hypertrophy phase as well as doubling the strength phase rather than race through the Dave Morris plan which is pretty much 2 weeks per phase for the weights. This is the first year I've done squats with free weights and not the Smith Machine. I slightly adjusted my weights down a touch to account for this and have enjoyed the free weights much better than the Smith. I feel like it is a better full body "big lift" doing it with the free weights as it engages the core of the body more due to the balance required. Score one for the new gym in the basement!!!

Tough Guy

I even did the "no-no" exercise (leg extensions) and was doing some heavy weight this morning on this exercise.


Base training miles are starting to add up in the basement (after 8 hours of base miles in the past few days, I'm taking the next two days off). As all those long base hours add up, so does my appetite! I have to be careful not to start going for 2nd's....let alone 3rd's!!!

Anyway, one more growth phase workout this weekend before I move on into the power phase of weight lifting and the drills on the C7i of transferring all the weight work to the pedals. In spite of all the snow out there, I'm sticking with my schedule and plan on being ready when mother nature is ready to have us all ride outside. ;-} That's hard to imagine with it being -2 this morning and all the snow on the ground. Yet, March is here in a few days....

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