Junior hits 17 and the wife gets a tattoo!!!

I sang at a concert Friday night and when I got home, my wife shows me the tattoo she had just got "installed" on her leg up at a shop in Des Moines. A tattoo? I wasn't expecting that. She always had this thing put on her leg in temporary form during RAGBRAI and finally decided to get it permanently attached. Ouch!


Birthday festivities fill the household as Zack turned 17 today. The cheesecake just came out of the oven.

Before it gets all decked out....


And he has requested osso bucco for dinner tonight.

Time for Zack to open his presents...


Scored some stuff...


Like his Dad, he loves Shakespeare. So a comedy "The Taming of the Shrew" and my favorite tragedy "Macbeth" (although I love Caesar as well)...


Max offers to assist Zack...



Shirts, socks, Shakespeare, Cadbury eggs, a jacket, iTunes cards, a wallet, a belt, a Play Station game that he wanted and so on and so forth. He's happy, so that's good after we got it all wrong the past 2 years. Finally - we scored a success!!!

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