Grounded by the SNOW!!!!

So much for my much needed and planned drive to Kansas City tonight to join the wife for some famous KC BBQ!!!! She's in KC for a special education conference and I had planned on driving down after work for dinner and to spend the night with her. Too much snow and conditions were such that leaving at 3 p.m. would have taken me several hours to get to KC. Zack couldn't even get the mini-van in the driveway tonight conditions were so slick.

What a mess....


Top 5 all time for snowfall here in the Des Moines area!!! And more snow due on Sunday and Monday.

Good news! After months of applying for various local jobs, my son finally got a job in this toilet of an economy. He just finished his 2nd shift at Subway. More important than making a bit of coin for his own spending money, we wanted him to get a job to learn the value of what it takes to make a buck. Slopping ingredients on a 6" or 12" bun isn't exactly rocket science, but it teaches him the value of earning a buck and the reality of working with an eclectic and diverse cross section of Americana. I worked at Red Owl Grocery Store, Kentucky Fried Chicken, K-Mart and Country Kitchen during my high school days to "learn" all of that.

Oh well, a little wine and some Olympics to watch Bode Miller snag another medal for the US Ski Team.

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