Global Warming not unhindered by our Iowa winter...

As I was out pedaling the bike this morning with the dogs for the morning ritual fighting -7 temperatures and dealing with my non-engaging Chris King rear hub in such climate, I couldn't help think that compared to year ago it seems like global warming is the last thing on my mind. Yet, data shows that in spite of blizzards and cold snaps in the U.S. and Europe, January was the warmest January on record throughout the globe (as was November). Here are the quotes from the link...

"January, according to satellite (data), was the hottest January we've ever seen," said Nicholls of Monash University's School of Geography and Environmental Science in Melbourne.

"Last November was the hottest November we've ever seen, November-January as a whole is the hottest November-January the world has seen," he said of the satellite data record since 1979.

It's not feeling real "hot" here in south central Iowa.... ;-}

No base work on the trainer today and tomorrow as I have to perform tomorrow night, so I'll pick it up again after a well earned 2 days off the bike.

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