Snow and Wind closes schools again!!!!

Say it isn't so!!! My kids are home today with another snow day. Looks like the month of June is filling up for them with make-up days.... This will extend school just about to June 11th now. Maybe even more as the days pile up.

We didn't check the news at 6 am like we usually do when it is snowing, but around 6:30 we got a call that my daughter's show choir practice scheduled for 7 am was canceled due to a 2 hour delay. After breakfast, I headed out to remove the snowdrifts from the driveway (which is not easy to do with the wind gusting at 55 mph) so my wife and son could drive to school for the 10 a.m. delayed start. Just as I finished shoveling a few metric tons of snow, my wife pops her head out the front door and says "Honey, don't worry about the driveway because they just closed school for the day...." Gee, thanks. Then I hopped on the RIP 9 and took the dogs out in the 55 mph winds and snow for our morning walk. It was slickery and I had a few "just about gotcha" moments while trying to keep the bike upright. I didn't fall, but some of the drifts were pretty slick underneath as I plowed through them. The dogs loved the snow and wind.

Simpson is on for a full day of classes, of course. Administration seems to like to make all the professors and staff drive in from the surrounding area in the worst road conditions possible. ;-) I'll 4 wheel it for the 2 mile commute today.

I got an hour on Saturday and an hour on Sunday on the C7i grinding out some base building riding and mid-level interval variety to beat my heart up in for the weekend. My legs were just too dead to launch into the next phase of weight lifting, so I am taking a structured rest/recovery week of 5 days before more lifting starts tomorrow.

The stress of directing The Mikado with all the preparation work, late night rehearsals and higher metabolism has me dropping weight. I ticked off about 4 pounds this past week and the pace is just picking up. A lot of it is not having enough time to eat between work and rehearsals. When I do it, it's quick and not much (bagel with peanut butter, or a handful of fruit and nuts as I run out the door).

Off to brave the snow and wind in my Element...

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