RAGBRAI 2010 Route is Announced...

Last night, the overnight towns were revealed for RAGBRAI 2010.


The route is one of the shortest, flattest ever. Sioux City, Storm Lake, Algona, Clear Lake, Charles City, Waterloo, Manchester and a ride into Dubuque on the final day. After only doing a couple of days of RAGBRAI last year, we were planning on doing more this year. Looks like a very flat and piece of pie ride this year, so I guess we're in. I know I've got the option to choose a mountain bike race on both or either weekend of RAGBRAI, so I'll probably just join up on Monday and do a few of the mid-week days (or maybe more). My wife is going to do the entire ride this year with her cousin from California. We've got a few more friends that are considering coming out for a visit to do the ride as well (from Austria, New York and California). Who knows what we'll end up with this time around.


One year we were on Team Toad and had to wear a rubber toad on our helmets. Hey, not my choice, but it was the team leader's choice. I got tired of explaining to all who asked what the "lizard" on the helmets stood for after the first day. Hence, no ornaments have been worn since to prevent the five thousand daily questions about the green creature on the helmet from happening. The year we went as Team Opera Al Dente and cooked a gourmet meal every night followed by singing a concert of opera arias still remains my favorite. We landed sweet host family stays in air conditioning and got to eat really, really good food instead of all the usual RAGBRAI fare. Oh yeah, the wine was delicious every night as well... But that was a lot of work to organize (designing a menu, shopping for all the fresh produce, dividing up the evening's cooking and cleaning duties, figuring out who was going to sing what, what accompanist was going to play, inquire about whether or not the host family had a piano or did we need to bring a Clavinova, or use pre-recorded accompaniment on CD's, etc... . Not to mention, it's not fun singing after an entire day on the bike in the hot sun. Maybe we'll try that again some day, but not this year. I'm sure we'll come up with something creative, yet simple this year.


I always enjoy visiting with folks out on the route and at the stops. I've done RAGBRAI on a tandem, a recumbent, a Karate Monkey, a full suspension 29"er and a road bike. What to ride this year? Maybe an Xtracycle and haul all of my own gear. At least the route is easy this year and one can focus on the socializing and fun factor of the event. ;-]


Hey, at least I didn't post up pictures of Team Thong! ;-]

Mark the calendars now, depart Sioux City on July 25th, arrive in Dubuque on July 31st.

Now, off to the basement for a workout on the C7i...

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