Iced in with my last serving of Hypertrophy!!!

We woke up to an ice storm this morning and checked the 6 am news to see the cancellation of all schools today as about 1/2" - 3/4" of ice has built up. After coffee and oatmeal and the usual laying around on a stay at home day, the wife and I headed down to the dungeon of pain....


On tap for me was my final session in the Hypertrophy Phase. I was in the mood to get it over with and move onto the next phase of weight lifting. I worked it hard and could really feel my body was ready to move on as after about 2 weeks, I adapt to the work load and am ready for more plates anyway. So today's session may or may not have been beneficial as I only started to feel fatigue on the last few reps of my final set in the bigger muscle group lifts (squat and dead lift). So, the 6 week Adaptation Phase and 3 week Hypertrophy Phase are now in the bag. And, as usual at this point in the off season lifting, what always starts out in the fall with me thinking no way I can lift that much weight grows to me thinking at this point "bring on the plates!!!".

The difference this year over the previous two off season phases is that I did not stop riding this time around (both on the trainer inside and outside on the RIP with the dogs). I kept working on some intervals, hour long base building sessions that were mixed with various levels of intensity through the grueling three week Hypertrophy Phase. Call me a glutton for pain and punishment, but so far so good. I'm still standing and have managed to stay healthy. I tried my best to manage my nutrition and not gain too much weight in this "I'm starving for protein morning, noon and night" condition.

I'll take 2 days off the weights and move right into the 2 week Strength Phase which is where the plates pile on. And I'll keep the riding going on the exercise bike in the basement.

Time for some tuna fish...

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