The New Year is here and what better way to begin than our first cooking and enjoyment of a meal from the new Egg?

2010 is here. It's just a calendar date. No resolutions here. No need to start a diet. No need to stop doing this or start doing that just because of a particular calendar date. No, no. Life is an ongoing management challenge with hands on adjustment tweaking all the time. In spite of that - Happy New Year to all!

The Big Green Egg lived up to the stigma and reputation it deserves last night. We decided to christen it on New Year's Day with Simon and Garfunkel Spatchcock Chicken.

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme....

I soaked a handful of hickory wood chips in water for 30 minutes, filled the Egg with the lump charcoal, lit a starting block, closed the lid after 7 minutes and was ready for the birds. Tara cut the backbones out of two birds we bought at the butcher on Thursday and dressed them with the Simon and Garfunkel seasoning. I put the birds skin side down for 20 minutes, regulated the heat to stay at or around 350 degrees and then flipped them to bone side down for another 35-40 minutes. The smell coming out of the top of the Egg was amazing with the hickory flavoring. It took my mind off of the sub 0 temperatures and windchill.

End result: the juiciest, best tasting chicken we've ever made. In fact, it was almost too moist if that is even possible with poultry. Spatchcocking (butterflying) a bird is a well known technique for getting a moist bird in the first place, but the way the ceramic Egg cooks locks in even more moisture. I think the reviews were correct in stating "the Egg leaves a lot of margin for error it cooks so well".

We ate one of the birds and will have the 2nd bird this evening. I figure every time you fire up the Egg for a smoke or for a roasting and are making a carbon footprint with the lump coals and wood chips, you should go ahead and do enough meat for at least two or three meals. So this will involve a little more foresight and meal planning as we utilize the new cooking toy.

-16 this morning which made my 30 minute bike ride with the dogs quite challenging. I dressed warmly, but after 15 minutes my rear hub on the bike was not engaging as the grease was freezing up. It would engage if I slowed way down and started out really slowly, but I had to keep pedaling to keep the drivetrain engaged. And Zoey's chest turned all white (not to mention my eyelids were freezing shut in the -23 to -40 windchill). So we headed back to the house a bit early from our normal distance.

Time to get to work...

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