Snowiest month in history yet.....?

We've already made it to the 3rd snowiest month in history here with 27.7 inches (and it just started snowing outside again). That's close to the 2nd snowiest month which was 28 inches in March of 1912. The snowiest month on record was 37 inches in January of 1886. I doubt we'll make that, but there is a good chance we'll nip the 1912 record since snow is falling right now and Wednesday's forecast is for snow.

No wonder my back hurts from all the shoveling!!!

I stained the table for Tara's Christmas/Anniversary/Birthday present today. Alexa, Zack and I bought her something called "The Big Green Egg" which is a grill/smoker/oven all in one and a table for her "egg" so we can cook outside with it. The table wood was unfinished cypress and I used a beautiful cherry chestnut stain that required two coats. Tomorrow I will seal it all up with three coats of indoor/outdoor spar urethane. That should allow us to get the "egg" set in there, put it out on the back deck and get everything ready to go for our first smoked meal!!!! Yummy.....

It's been a weekend full of doing all - or at least some - of those projects that I have let go for many weeks and in some cases months. I built a make-up vanity for Alexa in her bathroom, removed some spots on the new carpet downstairs, did a major house cleaning and cleaned out the "stuff" that had been hiding in the back of both fridges for a long, long time. I'll finish dealing with the speaker wire and cables of our home entertainment system tomorrow, time permitting. A few more projects to go over the vacation, but the main one starts soon as I block out, map out and figure out how I am going to stage and direct The Mikado since our rehearsals at Simpson start on January 11th. I've got tons of ideas in my head on exactly what I want, but I need to put ideas to paper so I know how it is all going to map out measure by measure for the entire operetta. We have very little time to waste in the rehearsal process, so I need to be prepared. The set design is done. The costumes have been ordered. I've coached everyone on their spoken dialogue to get the British accents and inflection going. I need to track down some large Japanese fans that are built specifically for stage productions. We may have to rent them, but the costume company is the first place to start as they have access to fans.

I set up my Christmas present yesterday. Tara got a really great deal on a floor model weight bench with squat rack. It was marked down, on sale from the marked down price and she talked them into an additional 10% off since it was a floor model from a model no longer made (last year's model). Sweet wheeling and dealing there and I love the set up!! I had asked for socks to be my present. Well, I actually did get 2 pair of new cycling socks along with a new coffee thermos, a 2010 datebook, and a weight lifting belt. That's way more than the socks.

Our 20th wedding anniversary is coming in 3 days and I'm trying to figure out where to take Tara for dinner on a date. It's hard to believe it has actually been 20 years. Time flies when you're having fun!

Training wise, I have been getting some good time in on the exercise bike, weights, recumbent trainer and I ride every morning and evening around the neighborhood on the RIP 9 with the big knobby tires in the snow. I think everyone in the neighborhood thinks I'm nuts to be out there riding every day, but I love riding in the snow and cold. I'm trying not to put on so much muscle weight this year, so I am watching how many plates I throw on the lifting bar and how much I throw on my plate at the dinner table as well. ;-)

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