It's the busiest time of year...

I am always amazed how our music department at Simpson operates on a different work schedule than other departments. We began our finals week on Saturday which included piano proficiency examinations from 8 am - 3 pm, voice juries from 3:15 pm to 5 pm and continued with two concerts "Lessons and Carols" on Sunday afternoon followed by recital auditions from 7 - 11 pm. Monday - Thursday includes more juries and recital auditions at all hours of the day, meetings, dialogue and musical coachings for The Mikado which I am directing for our February production. I wonder if other departments work all through the weekend and during the evening like ours? '-[

I've managed to squeeze in my off training work in the basement with weights and on the C7i trainer knocking out enough cardio to keep me in shape and not lose too much fitness. I've been at it "down there in the basement" for about 3 weeks and moved from adaptation of weight lifting into the growth phase. That means it is time for the purchase of a rack I can use for squats. It's kind of hard to get the bar with all the plates on it up on your shoulders from the floor to do the squats by yourself. I always did these at the gym before with their rack and smith machine, but decided not to renew my membership and do it at home instead (watching the 55" TV of course)!!!! They've got a rack that can be used for bench press and raises high enough for squats up at Scheel's that isn't a pro sturdy model, but should suffice for my needs. It sells for $199 and is like some I have seen on line for $150. By the time you add shipping - it's a wash price wise.

I was enjoying a great fall of mountain biking once the dirt froze. My rear Chris King hub froze up on my last weekend and the LBS found nothing wrong with it. It needed a little winterizing (typical for King hubs to keep them rolling in cold temps). Regardless, last weekend was the end of the fun fall riding as the blizzard dumped so much snow with so many odd 3 - 6' drifts, that any off road snow riding is impossible this year because of the drifts and depth of snow (unless everything melts or one owns a Pugsley with the fat snow tires). We got a glazing of frozen rain and ice over everything in the past 12 hours which even dampens the riding around the neighborhood with the dogs. I'll have to dig out the studded tires today, but no time as I am at work from 10 - 10 today. So, it is pretty much a full time basement workout for now which is fine with me.

I'm still hoping to get out to the Black Hills on my RIP 9 at some point while my cardio is in good shape over this 3 week semester break, but weather and what not will decide if that happens.

Off to the music building for 12 hours of "listening" to the students perform their final juries and work with students on their British accents for the dialogue in The Mikado. We may have to go for a hybrid Midwest-British accent....

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