We are experiencing a good old fashioned Dakota Blizzard at the moment. It dropped about 14 - 16" of snow yesterday, last night and today. The winds behind the storm have kicked up to 30 - 50 mph all day long which have created some amazing drifts in our yard, driveway and street. One in the backyard is as high as the fence (about 6') and the drifts in the front yard and driveway are 3 - 5 feet in height. Temperatures and windchill are so cold that is hard to stay out there longer than 30 minutes at a time to work on the snow removal.

Public school and even college closed for the day (rare when the college closes). I've been digging out all day, but the wind just fills things back in within 30 minutes. I'm heading next door to borrow our neighbors snow blower to attack the driveway. The city snow plows managed to move all of the snow in the street into my driveway's entrance (like the do every time they plow). This time, however, it's at least 5 feet high and about 10 - 12 feet from street edge up the driveway. Way too much for a shovel to handle with the amount of daylight I have remaining. Plus my arms and back are pooped from all the shoveling I've done yesterday and today as it is.

Winds should die down around 6 p.m. tonight allowing all of us to finish digging out so we can get to school and work tomorrow.

Home made chili and apple pie was the mid day snack today. Yummmy!!!

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