1st Semester Ends!!!

I finished up last night about 5:30 pm with the second semster and then got the grades submitted. It's been an eventful semester, some of those events were grand, good and fun. Others give me reason to pause, reflect and rebuild to go forward. One student is transferring to a community college. One dropped out of school around mid-semester. One student is switching to an online degree from another institution to get a degree other than music. She will do this from home and not continue at Simpson. And one told me yesterday that he is jumping ship next semester. So I began the semester with 19 voice majors and now trimmed down to 15. This gives me room for 3 new students, but not sure who and how that will work out at the moment. I have a full load with directing the opera on the side, so it may be best to recruit 3 new students to begin next academic calendar year (2010-11).

To take my mind off the daily grind, I got the RIP all up and going again this morning after the rear hub was worked on at the LBS. While I had the wheel off, I swapped out the 118mm BB spindle to one with a 113mm to get a narrower Q-Factor that I prefer. I took it out for a spin in the snow with the dogs, but that is not as much fun as the "snow-free" trails are. Black Hills - here I come. The only question is when. I've got to figure that out.

Here's the RIP ready to go....



Two of my former students from 2003-2007, Alejandro and Evan, are stopping by this evening to say hello on their way through town as they head to KC for the holidays. Alejandro teaches in Chicago and Evan in eastern Iowa. I'm looking forward to visiting with them to see how things are going. Another former student stopped by my office yesterday for a lesson and to sing for me. He is home on break from graduate school. He is doing really well and his singing is progressing right on track to be a major tenor talent in the opera business. I'll see him Saturday as well at a Christmas party.

Off to the mall with Alexa....

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