Weekend Singletrack!!!

I enjoyed the Dirty Du last weekend so much (raced it with one of my voice students who did the running portion to get him in shape for singing!!!), I decided to head out for 2 hours of singletrack sweetness yesterday. I was surprised that there wasn't that much mud. In fact, I was on the Raven 2.2's with minimal tread and only slipped and slid a few times during the entire 2 hours. I was on the 4" travel Sugar 293 and noticed my back got pretty hammered as I had the rear shock aired up for racing which limits the rear squish. My 48 year old back is a little sore this morning.

I'm going to head out today for another ride with a combination of pavement and singletrack (going to Banner Pits and back), but I'll climb aboard the much cushier and autumn season oriented (Fire XC Pro tires) RIP 9. No need to do intervals on that machine as the entire ride is like one big interval thanks to the fun factor, the big meat tires and the weight of the bike. ;-) Actually, it's not that bad. I've got it built up around 28 lbs. which isn't too bad for such a bike.

After the week of rain, I was finally able to commute to work on Friday with the bike and my lights. I love the wide berth cars give me in the evening on my way home due to my flashing tail light. In the day, cars whiz by me ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet. In the evening, they are almost over the curb and up on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. Pretty amazing how they react to a bike with lights at night, but I've always found that to be the case whether I was commuting in Austria or here in the states.

I set up our new 55" television yesterday and got the Bose sound system working again in the basement. We haven't had things set up down there since the basement flooding and got repaired last year. It was time to get things organized in our family room and we got a good deal on this Samsung 7100 LED HDTV this week. I'll hook up the PS III today and then mount the screen on the wall. I've got to repair one of the speaker grills with some DIY troubleshooting since the plastic pegs broke off that snap into the speaker box. I think moving it around so much during the flood repair process is what caused those plastic pegs to snap off. Regardless, dealing with that should waste an hour or more of my time today.

Wednesday morning we fly out to San Francisco for Thanksgiving with my wife's family. I probably won't get to do any cycling out there, but I'll hit the gym every day with my father-in-law and son to start up my off season weight program.

Back to my weekend agenda....

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Brendan61 said...

I thought it was just my imagination but it seems like people drive past me faster in the dark but they go wider. So it's not just me?