H1N1, Football, Fall...

Well, that was an interesting week.

Alexa came home Tuesday night not feeling well at all. She ended up with a high fever Wednesday/Thursday/Friday which we tried to keep down with outside forces (ice, cold cloths, Ibuprofen, etc...). It finally broke late Friday afternoon and dropped to her normal temperature by Saturday morning. I played Mr. Nurse most of that time since I was on fall break from Simpson. That was phase 1, now she is in phase 2 which is a nasty sounding cough. She went back to school today and spent Sunday and today getting caught up on everything she missed. Was it H1N1? Who knows, but in discussions with the Doctor over the phone, they didn't want her coming into the clinic for fear of spreading it and the symptoms were close enough to possibly have been it. I'm glad she is feeling better and getting back to school.

She found out today that she made the Opus Honor Choir. 2 girls from IHS made it this year - Alexa in the alto section and another girl made it in the soprano section.

Zack had his best outing as QB on Friday night against Urbandale. He was 11 for 16 with 2 TD's, no interceptions and I think 147 or so passing yards. We lost the game, but Zack improved. Congrats to Urbandale on the win and their season as they have not made the playoffs since 1999 and one of their running backs set a new school record for career yards during the game on Friday night. Indianola enters week one of the playoffs with a game Wednesday night at Marshalltown (9-0). We are missing some key players due to H1N1, a one game suspension for poor sportsmanship and some injuries. Zack is keyed up for it, but we shall see what happens. Regardless what happens in the playoffs, he got some great experience the past 3 games at QB against tough teams like Dowling, Ankeny and Urbandale. That will prepare him better for next season.

Fall is here. In fact, the first frost this weekend along with some high winds and heavy rain yanked most of the leaves off of the trees in the last few days. There are not many leaves left to fall, but it is the season for chili, pumpkins, squash, hot cider, etc... . Yummmmmm!

Congratulations to one of my students (Joe Doering) who won the MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) voice competition on Saturday at Grinnell College. He bested all the other college student entries (age limit was 19 - 26) and advances to Columbia, MO for the regional competition in January. If he wins that, he moves on to Nationals. He had to sing 30 minutes of music for a panel of judges who chose Joe as winner over all of the entrants. One of my former students named Sarah Larsen won the MTNA in Iowa a few years ago, so it feels good to have another student claim that prize. Simpson had another student win the 18 and under voice division and will advance to Missouri as well for the regionals in her age division.

I am spending the next 2 weeks getting some of my students prepared for the regional NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) auditions in Rock Island, Illinois. We leave on November 6th for that 2 day event.


Iowagriz said...

Remind me to ask you sometime on how to determine if I have a talented singer in the family. I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but one daughter seems to be blessed with a musical ear and voice.

Bruce Brown said...

Ask away. How old is she?

Iowagriz said...

11 and in the 6th grade. She loves singing and we want to encourage her, but she is performance shy (fine in groups and did fine on piano solo's, but won't volunteer).

Funny thing, I just asked for an update and she volunteered to sing a solo in choir today (opening of Battle Hymn of the Republic). She was so excited! It was great to see.

Bruce Brown said...

First of all, you are doing the correct thing by getting her piano lessons. That helps beyond belief for all matters related to music as they learn to read music, count and also learn some basic music theory/harmony through piano lessons. Kudos for getting her piano lessons!!!

If she can match the pitch and sing on key - she's got it made. 6th, 7th and 8th grade years in school vocal ensembles helps build the voice, confidence and develops an appreciation for it all. Once puberty is finished, the voice is ready for lessons and further development as it has finished the majority of its growth and is ready for study. I usually recommend starting vocal study in the 8th/9th grade years for solo singing. Sometimes earlier if they really display a strong voice and love of singing.