Fall Football....

Zack was the QB Friday night against Ankeny and for his first full game outing, had a decent game for his first start. He was 6 - 13 passing for 80 yards including 1 TD pass. Two of the passes not caught were right in the hands of the receivers, but c'est la vie. He asked one of the receivers why he didn't catch the ball that was thrown right to his chest and the receiver replied "I wasn't sure if you were passing it to me or somebody else." What?!!! Oh well.

This game was a real defensive battle and the final score doesn't really show how tight the game was until the very end. The score at half time was Ankeny 10, Indianola 3. Zack's touchdown pass in the 3rd quarter was followed by a high snap from the center for the extra point kick causing Zack to have to roll out and go for 2 extra points since there was no time to get the snap back down on the ground for the kicker. Unfortunately, the attempt was not a successful conversion as the receiver was covered by 3 or 4 defenders and the ball was batted away.

We entered the 4th quarter with the score Ankeny 10, Indianola 9. Ankeny failed to convert a first down and was forced to punt. Our punt returner misjudged the high, angled punt and fumbled it off of his chest in the red zone which Ankeny recovered and soon after drove in for a touchdown. That fumble was a huge game changer. Rats!!! We had good momentum on both sides of the ball right then and there and the fumble just seemed to zap all the momentum out of everyone. The remainder of the 6 minutes was a back and forth attempt to move the ball down the field and Ankeny's defense was just too tough as they contained the run. Ankeny drove down the field one last time and ran a nice sweep in the red zone for the running back to get in the end zone untouched. Final score 24-9.

Zack was pleased with his performance and was more than happy he got to get in there and play. He got sacked a few times, so had the usual Saturday morning aches and pains from a night on the football field. He just wished they had run more passing plays - especially some of the shorter routes to mix up the offense and keep the defense guessing. Ankeny had the run contained, but the coach kept calling for the run. The other QB played special teams and wide receiver as it seemed he was not injured. It sounds like they may be sticking with Zack at QB, but we will see. Zack certainly is ready for it. The upcoming games are not easy games as we face Dowling Catholic this week and Urbandale next week. Urbandale has the same record in our conference as we do, so perhaps that game will be a nice close game where things come together to round out the season. Dowling is tough. Final scores from the Dowling games seems like they are toying with each and every one of their opponents this season.

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