"When the bee stings...."

On the last final corner of my mowing yesterday out at Lake Ahquabi, I ran over a ground nest for bees. The first sting had me thinking I had just tweaked a muscle in my left calf. The second sting was on my right ankle and I knew something was wrong. I got bit 8 times in less than 10 seconds before I was able to get out of there.

Now the stings itch like crazy and made for a fitful night of sleep - even with medicated cream on the sting marks. Oh well....

I got 1/2 the course marked yesterday and will finish most of the marking today. Saturday evening I will put the final touches and signs up after the beach crowd leaves the park so my flags, stakes, signs and tape don't get pulled up by the curious.

I will hopefully avoid the bee's nest today.

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