Trail Work at Lake Ahquabi...

Well, it continues every day this week. I didn't count on having to mow the trails this years as well as everything else to get the trails ready. But, due to the DNR budget cuts, it was me who did the mowing. The good news is that the ranger said I could use their equipment to mow. So the cuts have been in labor. I mowed most everything today and it took me 9 hours to do that. I have a few sections left to do tomorrow, but not much left at all. I will start marking the trail tomorrow for Sunday's race.

Tara will help me mark the trail and I am not going to mark it as extensively this year as I did last year. Fewer flags, stakes and arrows this time around. I still need to figure out the routing if I want to change some things up a bit from last year's course. I've figured out a way to eliminate one of the road crossings, but it would involve 2 way traffic on one section of trail (a divider with cones and tape in the middle and signs to denote 2 way traffic). I've seen that in Wisconsin and Minnesota mountain bike course, so I know it can work, but the question is do I want to do this or not for Sunday? I'll sleep on it... It would remove the need for one set of course marshals and since I am operating on a skeleton crew - it might be worth it. Either way, I mowed the course today with several options in mind.

Time to sleep off the body fatigue from all that mowing.


Iowagriz said...

Thanks for all of the hard work in getting this ready. I've talked to a lot of people that plan on racing this weekend. I'm thinking that you will have a large crowd. It will make it very fun with the mass start and will probably feel that much closer to a chemaqawagamonamom :)

Bruce Brown said...

It would be nice to have a good crowd, that's for sure. Weather looks to be around 90 - 92 for a high on Sunday, which is not too bad.