Trail is ready, bees are toast!

I am exhausted from doing all the trail work this week to get Lake Ahquabi ready. I didn't count on having to mow the trail, so that was an extra bonus of time!

I attacked the yellow jackets nest tonight and they are gone. I feel a little guilty - for whatever reason - as they did not put up a fight even though I was shining a flash light around trying to find the nest entrance in the dark. I poured my solution in the hole and quickly heard an alarming buzz from within the nest. I then dumped a bucket full of sand on top of the nest and held it in place for a few minutes before backing away and heading to the car. The DNR rangers were watching me and wishing me luck.

It looks like a nice warm day on tap for tomorrow and early buzz (appropriate word considering the bees) is that turnout looks to be better than last year. We shall see. The whole family is helping out tomorrow and we'll be out there by 8:30 to get the Lodge set up and do final signs and marking of the race venue.

Time to go over the registration details with my son and daughter as they will be running that end of the event....

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