Today is OFF the bike...

I used the crotch rocket yesterday (son's road bike) for a 30 mile ride to end the 3 day training block. The first 1/2 was with the wind so it was super fast. The second 1/2 was dead into the wind - or Texas Hill as some would call it. Legs felt nice and worked over, but pretty refreshed for just ending a 3 day grind. And the effort earned me a free pass to the State Fair for some salty and fat goodies. '-]

Tara and I both were able to watch the high school football scrimmage. For whatever reason, Zack did most of the quarterbacking last night of the 3 QB's. The senior starter did the opening 2 series and then Zack did a lot of series. He looked good and threw 2 touchdown passes (one roll out to the right bomb and one short pass up the middle). They put him in at linebacker for a series and then right back to QB.

Tara and I headed up to the State Fair as we had Shinedown shuttle duty with three 14 year olds. Tara and I split a lamb on a stick (with veggies) which was way overpriced at $6.25 for the little amount of food on the stick. Then we split a Greek Gyros which was very salty, crunchy and good. Of course, a beer or two and a visit to see the Blue Ribbon boars, bull, cows, pigs, pumpkin, veggies, etc... before ending with splitting a Corn Brat. Actually, I only had one bite of that as I didn't like it since it was barely warm. Nothing like an evening of salty food to make one's mouth dry.

Today is off the bike. I may head up to Boone tomorrow for a pre-ride lap of the race course, but that all depends on what we have going on here. Alexa is wiped out from the week of cross country practice (can hardly walk). She missed the first week of practice as she joined the team late, so she is behind everyone else in her training. First meet is next week and she really needs this weekend off to recover.

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