IMBCS #7 is a Wrap!!!

Results and thanks are here.

Physically, I am exhausted from all the trail work, marking, hauling stuff out and back. I managed to climb on my Dos Niner and do the race knowing from last year that I would be low on energy. I started at the back of the pack knowing my condition. Regardless, I had fun visiting with other racer's out on the course and just seeing how the course was riding. I finally turned up the screws for the second half of lap 2 and for all of lap 3 after my daughter yelled at me at the first road crossing for going so slow. ;-]

In an attempt to keep from painting any chalk on the pavement, I didn't mark the 2nd road crossing where the course marshals were in a very clear manner. My wife and Gayla report back that several racers had trouble figuring out which way to go at that crossing. Otherwise, I think that the course was pretty clear on which way to go. The additional 3/4's of a mile meant longer lap times for all compared to last year (and more climbing).

We had 61 racers this year compared to 41 last year. So that was exactly the kind of growth I was happy to see and I deem the race a success having learned a lot from last year's event. I had targeted the snacks, drinks and registration forms for a maximum of 70 - so I was pretty close to being spot on with all of that. Last year we had way too much food and lots of leftovers that didn't get eaten.

I spent a couple of hours taking the course markings down last night and the DNR guys let me hop on their 4 wheeler as they took me through the backwoods to pick everything up as a storm with 60mph winds, lightening and heavy rain was rolling in quickly. I picked up everything but 2 corners before the lightening hit. I will head back out today to make sure I get those and clear any arrows off of the ground.

Tuckered out from the entire week, but tonight it is the I-Cubs with the family!!!


Buckshot77 said...

Bruce, thanks for putting on a great race! I had a blast and enjoyed the challenge of the added climb. I'll be back next year!

Bruce Brown said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I visited with the park rangers about opening up some more of the backwoods trails on the north side of the lake for next year and they are all for it. So the loop will continue to edge its way towards being 10 miles eventually.

Iowagriz said...

ditto on the great race. I'd be all for helping open some new trail. As I was riding down the asphalt i kept imaginine a single track downhill in the gully to the left. I think your race has big potential to be a training race for cham-y.
BTW - saw lots of photos being taken, know of any posted?

Bruce Brown said...

I was hoping somebody would post up some links to any pictures they took. Maybe I'll put a post on the IORCA group about any pictures that anyone would like to share would be welcome.

I had the local paper out last year which meant the staff photographer was there, but I didn't contact the paper this year. I figure RAGBRAI was probably enough cycling excitement for them this year...

Buckshot77 said...

Doug Smith was out there as well as another friend of mine that should have some good pics. Neither has posted anything up yet, but I'll let you know when they do.