Bouncing back to reality...

This week only had 6 days between the race at 7 Oaks and Saturday's race (a rescheduled date) in Nebraska. Monday I did a recovery ride. Tuesday was an intensity ride, but shorter duration than normal. Wednesday was 100 minutes that included a short set of interval work to keep the top end primed. Today is off the bike and timed well with the rain.

Faculty meetings, workshops and final nuts and bolts of getting ready for the school year began this week. Today is an all day mandatory faculty meeting where we are hashing out, discussing and breaking into small groups as we work on the new general curriculum. It's a lengthy process to do this and takes several years, but we are making progress. The week ends with a party at the President's house on Friday night. Tara and I can only stay for a few minutes at the party as we have to head up to Des Moines for Zack's opening football game against Hoover.

Yesterday was a big day for us as our baby left the house with her older brother at 7:30 a.m. for her first day of high school. She was all excited and even more so when she came home and told us all about it. I hope that continues as school gets into full swing.


Harp said...

See you saturday.

Bruce Brown said...

Yup. I hope the course has had a chance to dry out before we all drive up there. '-)