RAGBRAI: Weather is perfect on Day #4...

The route from Indianola to Chariton was perfect today in terms of weather, wind and riding time. Tara and I headed out of Indianola about 10:40 a.m. and made our way east to Ackworth and Sandyville before turning south to make our way to Milo where we stopped for some water. I actually rolled in just in time to hear one of my students from the Orpheus Festival step on stage and sing a Karaoke solo. He did a great job and the crowd gave him a very rousing ovation!

Tara and I crusied on south to Lacona where we climbed the hill and hit the city park for a shared piece of corn on the cob and of course, we both had a beer from one of the local pubs. That made us a tad sleepy and stiff in our legs when we climbed back on the bikes, but after about five minutes the legs were feeling good again. Tara had packed bagels, so we downed a bagel on the bike as we headed south into Chariton. Total time on the bike was a cruising tourist speed and had us there in just under 4 hours with all of our stops and sight seeing along the way.

Our car was parked at the father of one of our best friends who just happened to be on the route a couple of blocks from downtown Chariton. We debated going downtown for some food or heading back to Indianola. In the end, we loaded the bikes up in the Element, visited with Chuck's Dad for about 15 minutes and then headed back home for a nap and some dinner which is now underway.

Tara wants to ride again tomorrow, so I will drop her off at the start and pick her up later in the day at Ottumwa when she calls. Yesterday and today were enough miles for me and I need to save something for my mountain bike race on Sunday. I think doing 77 miles again tomorrow would be too much to recover from to race this weekend. Yesterday's 77 and today's 44 miles were plenty for a training week. But she might be able to persuade me, we'll see. If she doesn't persuade me, I'll probably do some trail work out at Lake Ahquabi tomorrow while she is on the bike all day.

Time for dinnner......chicken, brats, asparagus, bread and what not. Zack is in Missouri and Alexa is at the County Fair with her friends.

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