RAGBRAI: Tour de Food rolls through...

In spite of yesterday's rain, I had my son drive me over to the start of yesterday's RAGBRAI route from Greenfield to Indianola. The rain had just about stopped when we left (11 am), so I was able to ride in cloudy, but rain free conditions. Had I waited a couple more hours - I could have enjoyed a ride filled with blue skies...

Regardless, I hammered pretty hard on my 29"er to get a good training ride in. The first 40 miles was my warm up, and the final 37 miles had me reaching deep to get a good workout. It was against the wind for all but 15 - 17 miles of the route, so the workload was always there. I visited with many along the way that were going about the same pace I was pushing. Temperatures were about 66 degrees the entire way, and I was layered up with a long sleeve Under Armour shirt, jersey and a Gore outer shell on top with my bib shorts. That was enough to keep me warm once I got cranking. I stopped to tinkle twice and managed to get by on free handouts (water and fruit). I had a bagle with me and a Cliff bar which I chowed down on the bike. It was fun to roll into Indianola with the masses. The route went by my neighborhood as it came into town.

Tara got home from work and we headed down to the Methodist Church for dinner. They were serving Cavatelli, salad and all kinds of pie. We checked out the mass of humanity in the square and then headed over to Simpson to see the bike shops and the tent cities on campus. Fun was had by all and we were in bed around midnight.

We are heading out on the route today to ride from Indianola to Chariton. We took my car down on Tuesday night and left it in Chariton so we have a ride home tonight. It's fogged over early this morning, so we'll wait until the sun is shining before heading out. I took Zack at 6:45 a.m. this morning to the football bus over at the high school as his team is heading off to football camp in Missouri. There were a lot of riders already up and heading out in the fog and cold. It is supposed to be 81 degrees and sunny today and the route is short (44 miles), so it was hard for me to understand why so many would want to ride in the cold and wet so early in the morning.

Oh well. We're waiting for the sun to peak out before suiting up and heading out.

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