RAGBRAI lands in Indianola tomorrow...

That's right. Tomorrow, anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 riders will ride into town just 1 block from my back deck. Indianola plays host to RAGBRAI tomorrow night as an evening stop over for the first time since RAGBRAI has been in existence. The town is all gussied up for the visit and it should be fun. My wife and I will be riding the route on Wednesday from Indianola to Chariton. We had thought about riding into Indianola tomorrow as well, but Tara has an all day class for her job up in Johnston. I might ride out 10 - 20 miles on the route and ride back in with a wave of riders to get "in the mood". We took this year off of RAGBRAI, but might be doing it next summer.

When that large of a mass of people move through town, they are like Locusts. Having been one of the Locusts on the trip, I know what it is like. I visited 3 stores in Indianola today (Hy-Vee, a pizza joint and a Casey's). I fear none of them are stocked like they should be for the mass that is coming. Oh well.

Other things going on....

I spent 4 hours trimming the growth out at Lake Ahquabi State Park this morning and doing some shoveling to repair a washed culvert area that the race on August 9th will go over. Things are in really good shape and the DNR has been out with their chainsaws to removed all of the fallen trees. I will ride the route tomorrow morning to see what else needs trimming or work, but things are in great shape this year compared to last year. I want to get everything finished up out at Ahquabi this week since we are heading to the Black Hills next week. I'm looking forward to riding in the mountains again and will hit up all the new trails on M-Hill in Rapid City as well.

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