Taxes Done!!!

Whew!!! Extension, smension, tension, pinchin'. Hats off to the IRS for being so understanding, flexible and willing to work with me as we fixed, adjusted and filed everything correctly with all of our delayed fortitude. It took from 10 am to 4 pm at the accountant's office yesterday to finish things up since we were working with multiple years and amendments. The IRS and State of Iowa owe us refunds, so that will be a welcome reward for the meticulosity involved in the process.

Today's job #1 is to clean up the basement and file everything back into place after the several month ordeal. Job #2 is to organize all 2009 receipts and statements to date and toss out what I do not need to be keeping and to start files for some new things that we need to be keeping (son is now working with self-employed income doing landscaping for the summer).

Relief is felt now that it is caught up. If I had to relate the last 3 years of what I went through to a cycling workout, I feel like this now that it is over...



on the edge


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