The Sugar is all ready to go...


After close inspection by a representative from Trek/Fisher, it was determined my rear triangle is still within the "safe" boundaries for operation in spite of about 1mm of tire rub wear through on the left carbon seatstay. It's not ideal, but the replacement triangle is $475 and only comes in black these days. So I set the bike up with stiffer wheels and will only run narrower casing/tread tires in the rear to prevent any more wear through on the seatstay. If it cracks or breaks, then I will make the decision of either tracking down a used rear triangle in my size or replacing it with the new Fisher price through my LBS.


I took the bike out for a 2 1/2 hour intensity session this week as pictured and it is good to go for racing on appropriate courses. It's the plushest bike I own with 100mm up front and a custom adjusted rear shock that PUSH in Colorado adjusted for my height/weight XC racing and terrain here in the middle of the country. If I ever chose to run it at 80mm up front, it would be a lot snappier - but I've got the JET and Dos Niner for that. I like the plushness. It allows me to go over logs, curbs and what not with smaller volume race tires and hardly feel anything at all. It's a great bike to stay seated on and let the suspension keep the tires glued to the track.


Training this week included some days off. I did an intensity session with my daughter who had her final physical therapy session on Tuesday (sessions were for her dislocated knee that happened in March). She is good to go for running and the muscles are symmetrical again. We did sprints on our bikes and this girl can fly in short duration sprints (10 - 20 seconds). Makes sense since she is one of the top 100m sprinters in Iowa for her age group. I did some road work (longer, less intense intervals) to keep the top end in shape. But most of the week was devoted to taxes, filing things, teaching lessons and home/house duties.

Two races on tap for this weekend (weather and conditions permitting of course): Psycowpath #5 on Saturday on the grueling Ponca climbing course in Nebraska and IMBCS #5 on Sunday in Des Moines on the Sycamore Trail in TT format.

After that, a father's day celebration at 6:30 at an undisclosed location to me. The kids are all secretive about it at this point.

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