Productive Week (a bit of this and a bit of that)...

Here's the week in a nutshell...

Friday: Tara and I attended the opening night of Des Moines Metro Opera's 37th Summer Season by attending Tosca. We enjoyed it as Puccini is so lush and rich no matter where you see a performance.

Psycowpath #5 Race on Saturday, June 20th at Ponca State Park: After a week of not riding due to working on the taxes, filing all three years of paperwork back into their respective places in the filing cabinets, setting up 2009's paperwork trail, etc... I made the drive to Ponca State Park just west of Sioux City. Last year it was very, very hot and humid during Ponca's Revenge and I made it through the 96-98 degree suffer fest. This year was not quite as hot and humid - thankfully.

In spite of not having the legs/lungs being in tip-top racing shape after a week off, I wanted to race to take advantage of the climbing as training. Knowing my condition, I lined up at the back of the group at the starting line because my goals were lined up with my legs. ;-) I was interested in survival. And survive I did. Not much to say except that the climbing worked me over really well (especially when not running a granny ring!!!) and I rolled across the line in 14th place after the 1 1/2 hour ordeal. As always, Jay Chesterman and his crew put on a great event at Ponca. I was glad he turned the heat down about 10 degrees or so from last year's heat wave.

I was so hungry that I stopped at a Wendy's at one of the south Sioux City exits on I-29. That's a big deal for me since I eat at Wendy's about once every two years or so. About 30 minutes after eating, I was feeling really drowsy (typical effects of eating such food) and pulled over at a rest stop. I rolled the windows down, stretched out and put my feet up on the dash and napped for about 20 - 30 minutes. I felt refreshed and was very alert the rest of the drive home. Nothing like climbing hills and eating fast food to create a nice nap....

Sunday: The IMBCS #5 was postponed due to muddy conditions, so I did a recovery ride and then some yard work at home. The family took me to a matinee movie (we saw Proposal) and then to Centro in Des Moines for Father's Day dinner. It was a nice time and we had a lively discussion - boisterous actually.

Monday: An easy effort 90 minute ride to Summerset and back (too muddy to hit the mountain biking trails). I came home and did the weekly maintenance weights for the over 40 cycling crowd. Then I went out in the heat and mowed the crazy man that I am in such heat. It was 98 and humid, but I went to the double-header baseball game where Zack's team managed to beat Johnston in both games. Zack was 5 for 6 for the day at the plate.

Another easy effort 90 minute ride to Summerset and back in the morning before the real heat hit. I taught lessons all afternoon right through the severe weather of massive rain, wind and what not. By the time I got home, it had cleared enough for firing up the grill on the deck.

Wednesday: I got up early and took Zoey to the vet for surgery to repair her torn ACL and meniscus. Tara and I did a 2 hour ride with me splitting off for the second hour to do intensity work of intervals, hill climbs and a 25 minute LT interval to get everything going again after the Ponca "event". We met up at Subway for a 6" sub before riding home. Grilling again in the evening. The Raven's arrived at the door, so I aired them up with tubes on a spare set of rims to give them a 24 hour stretch before mounting them up tubeless on the JET 9.

Ravens, Crow and Karma 1.9

They are a decent size width racing tire. 57mm compared to the narrower Crows pictured below them at a bit under 52mm.

Raven on Blunt = 57mm

Crow on Blunt = 52mm

Thursday: I did a 100 minute recovery pace ride in the morning heat, came home and had breakfast before heading out to pick up Zoey from her overnight stay at the animal clinic. She is all wrapped up in a cast on her leg (comes off Saturday). $1261 for this procedure. We've got Max and Zoey both on diets in an effort for Zoey to lose 15 (she's lost 3 already) and Max to lose 22 (he's lost 7 already) to get them down to leaner weights in hopes of preventing more ACL tears. Dang! They sound like football player injuries...

That hind leg looks like a lamb's...

Then I had to mow again as the grass is growing so fast with all of this heat and rain. I swapped out my Nanoraptors on the JET for the new pair of Raven 2.2's....

Raven 2.2's on JET 9

NoTubes Volume

Attended Zack's double-header against Urbandale. Indianola is heading to a tournament on Saturday, so the best pitchers were being saved for that. So the first game was a drubbing due to our pitching. We lost 15-1. It couldn't have been worse. Errors. No hitting. It was Bad News Bears at its best. Zack was pitching the second game and we were behind 6-0 when Zack hit a 2 run homer over the centerfield fence and got the rally started. We were ahead 10 - 9 in late innnings when Urbandale scored another run to tie the game 10-10. We failed to score at our last at bat and the Umpires called the game saying the 2 hour time limit had been reached. Of course all the players, parents and fans were upset and couldn't understand why they were not allowed to play out the game to finish it. Oh well....so that's a first for a high school baseball game to end in a tie. It happens in Little League all the time, but high school baseball? The team travels to Fort Dodge on Saturday for the tournament.

Friday: I was totally off the bike today. I went in this morning for 1/2 day of work to get caught up on paperwork. I had to opt out of my insurance coverage for the coming academic year (I'm on my wife's plan instead), sign a pair of waiver forms for medical as well as dental/vision and allocate the montly extra cash to either a lump sum payment next June, or use it as additional retirement allocation funds. I chose the lump sum again just like last year. The good news is I get a lump sum next week for this past year which will just about take care of Zoey's surgery. Then I caught a movie at Jordan Creek in the afternoon while the gals shopped. I saw The Taking of Pelham 123 which I thought was really well done and a good suspense flick. I ate far too much salty popcorn....

Came home and fired up the grill for some nice salmon, vin blanc and fresh goodies from the garden on top of warm bread.

This weekend: The plan is to attend the Fort Dodge tournament and then head to Mankato for my first ever Minnesota Mountain Bike race at Mt. Kato outside of Mankato, MN. I will finally be able to line up and compete in my proper age category with the 45-49 year olds there as well as the next weekend in Wisconsin at a WORS race.

Who knows if the weather will cooperate or not?

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