Gorgeous Summer Weather....!

We were planning some mini-weekend getaways to take advantage of some cooler weather instead of an outright "vacation" where we head off to some location. For instance, this weekend I am heading - with my wife - to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin for a WORS race and a brief respite from the hot and humid Iowa weather. However, the Wisconsin/Michigan weather has made its way down to southern Iowa and we are enjoying a gorgeous week of low humidity and temps in the upper 70's to low 80's. We'll take it! Who needs to travel when the good weather is right at home?

I think we will drive out to the Black Hills on July 26th for a week. We'll take a couple of teenagers to Wounded Knee Indian Reservation (including our son) for a week of mission work and Tara, Alexa and I will hang out at my Dad's with the dogs and do the Black Hills thing for a week to get some dry, higher altitude weather. We might get over to Wisconsin for another weekend, but who knows?

Tara had a baseline colonoscopy today which required me to take her and drive her home due to the medications/sedatives given. All checked out good and she can now eat again. I'm not looking forward to mine in a couple of years once I hit 50....

I hit Lake Ahquabi today for the 2nd time this season and it was dry enough to really get a good training ride in on the climbs. I kept the intensity short to about 35 minutes as I am doing some block training this week. Tomorrow is longer before an easy day on Thursday and then a day off the bike on Friday to get ready for the WORS race on Sunday. I will pre-ride the Firecracker course in Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon. In terms of Lake Ahquabi, I think I've come up with a few new route adjustments to the August 9th IMBCS #7 race that I am hosting to keep it a bit fresh from last year's MOB the Quab! race.

We ran it clockwise last year, but I am thinking things over for this year to keep the challenge, but change it up a bit from last year. The trails are in good shape out there and just need a little trimming and some gravel to fill in a few spots that were washed away in the spring rains. I counted 6 felled trees today that the DNR will hit with their chainsaws sooner or later before the race. The start/finish line will be different this year over last year and fun will be had by all I don't think I will rake it and make it so super-fast and clutter free this year like I did last year. I knocked myself out, but keeping things a little more natural this year might add some allure to the event. I will meet with the DNR in July to come up with a route that meets their needs and can logistically be pruned by the DNR staff without too much trouble. Just like last year, there will be a lot of climbing. A lot...

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