Race season starts...

Due to work taking me out of the country for 3 weeks and other commitments here at home, I have only been able to make it to one race thus far this season. That was the Bone Bender mudfest bust in April which turned out to be much ado about nothing for me due to the mud build up on the tires, wheels and frame forcing me to walk 1/2 of one lap before bagging it. Outside of 10 minutes of riding in that race, I was unable to benefit from any early season racing this year.

In spite of that, training continued and was built around preparing for the season which now has 4 straight weekends of racing on deck for me beginning this weekend. Yesterday was an off day in terms of any on the bike training. Today had me doing about a 50 minute session focused on intensity aboard the C7i in the basement as well as my maintenance weights. I cleaned the race bike up for this weekend and got everything lubed and checked so that is out of the way. I headed into work after that to teach some summer lessons. Rain is forecast for tomorrow as well, so my scheduled workout is an easy session which I can do in the basement on the C7i before going in for some more summer lessons. Forecast is for sunshine on Thursday and all the way through the weekend, so trails should dry out and be in good shape.

I will take my daughter in at 8 am to have her braces taken off (after 3 years of wearing them!!!!). I know she is ├╝ber-excited to get them off and I don't blame her.

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