How to mess up your rear wheel the day before a race...

I was warming up this morning in front of my house before heading out to do a pre-race lap at Banner Pits on my Dos Niner and did my normal pre-race check to see if I could clip in and out okay with my shoes. I wanted to make sure there was no mud in there and the big klutz that I am somehow got my left heel over far enough to get stuck in the rear wheel. Rear wheel locked up and I left a 10 foot rubber mark on the pavement. I almost took a tumble, but salvaged it. I'm fortunate I didn't hurt myself!!!

Well, the rear wheel is now knocked so far out of alignment that it's going to require an afternoon with the spoke wrench and some patience. I don't have patience today, so I just took it as a sign to race my JET 9. I took the JET out to Banner for a lap to check the course. Either bike is good to go as a race bike of choice for Banner Pits, so the JET gets the nod tomorrow thanks to my clumsy left foot.

By the way, the course was in perfect shape today. Just tacky enough in spots to keep one from sliding out and with all the riding everyone has been doing on it this week getting ready for the race, this new trail is now become a lot easier as it beds in. I couldn't believe how much easier it is running from say 2 weeks ago. I also had the perfect psi in the rear tire to get traction on the power climbs (wet or dry). Forecast calls for a high of 86-87 tomorrow, so it should be a nice late spring race.

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