Banner Race Course set...

I've been curious which route Sunday's race would take at Banner and now I know.

Here it is...

Banner Race Course


Harp said...


I think I'm going to be coming to race on Sunday but the only problem is that I haven't been able to find any directions on how to get to the course. I have a gps but without an address it will probably only take me to Indianola. If you could help I would really appreciate it. This is usually pretty typical for me in that the most stressful part of racing is just getting to and finding the race course. Thanks.


Bruce Brown said...

The State Park is so new that it does not show up on the typical maps as of yet.

However, here's the quickest driving directions from Lincoln to Summerset State Park. I just plugged in the corner of Elk Horn Street and Highway 65/69 as that is the actual entrance/parking lot to the State Park (you turn east on Elk Horn Street and drive about 100 yards into the State Park). There are signs there and the parking lot is about 100 yards to the east from Highway 65/69 (you can't miss it as no trees are obstructing the view from Highway 65/69).


Here's the DNR page for Summerset State Park (you can download a PDF map and print it out):


Actual address is...

Banner Lakes at Summerset State Park
13084 Elkhorn Street
Indianola, Iowa 50125
ph. 515/961-7101

But plugging that into any online map service will yield nothing as it is brand new and the park offices are actually at another State Park called Lake Ahquabi.

Bruce Brown said...

Or you could try this one. The letter A will be near the start/finish line area for the race.


Harp said...

Thanks Bruce. This helps a lot See you Sunday.