Banner Pits trimmed and ready...

Being a rest day for me after yesterday's 4 laps at Banner in a race simulation training ride, I decided to do some trail work today. I took advantage of the cooler temperatures by dressing in long pants, long sleeve shirt, hat, my hiking boots and covering myself with insect repellent to hit the last section of trail I had not yet trimmed at Summerset State Park. The mosquitoes still attacked me, but the repellent and long clothes fended off most of them.

I started at 10 am and finally walked out of the woods at 3 pm exhausted, thirsty, hungry and with my back hurting from all the trimming, bending over, reaching up, etc... . I saw a grand total of 9 mountain bikers hitting the trail during that time frame (Squirrel and his wife being 2 of them). I thought I would see more riders out there being a holiday and all. The trail is really getting broken in and looking sweet for the weekend's race. Trail signs go up this week - according to Squirrel as he tried to help one guy get turned around who was riding the north side backwards.

I now have walked the entire trail system at Banner and trimmed about 90 - 95% of it along with others who are out trimming, sawing roots that are sticking up, mowing and getting things ready for the grand opening. The trimming will need to be an ongoing maintenance thing as some of the species out there are fast growers and will need to be kept at bay. I will be happy to put in some time every now and then to help keep the growth maintained - especially since I live so close.

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