France, here I come - it's official!!

Got word last night that I am heading to France, Holland and Belgium on Friday night. So I need to pack my bag this week for the 16 day trip. I'll miss 3 races I had planned on doing in the Psycowpath (2) and IMBCS (1) series, but a free trip to Europe is a free trip to Europe... . I'll have to rent a street bike every few days to pedal around and keep some kind of fitness.

Zack hit another home run yesterday and I will miss a few games while overseas, but be back for the majority of the season to watch him.

The semester's final tests are underway and I should finish all the grading by Tuesday night. I think spring is even set to arrive later this week with temperatures climbing up to 80 by the weekend. Weather looks to be in the 60's over in Holland and France where I am heading - so no need for warm weather clothing on this trip.

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